I’m Going To Drown…

I’m going to drown, maybe, if I don’t get moving. I’ve been off of my regular workout routine due to an injury back in February, and I just looked at the calendar and realized that there’s only 5 weeks left before my first triathalon. I haven’t swam a stroke since last summer. Even then, I believe it was more of a casual dip in the pool than any great level of olympic prowess.

I should also share that this is my first triathalon. It’s a small one, called a sprint. I think the distances are a 750 meter swim, 12 mile bikeride, and then a 5k “sprint”. I am not really concerned about the 5k, as it’s not a really challenging distance for me anymore. However, I am concerned about the swim, as you can tell from the title of this post. It also occurred to me that I don’t own a road bike. My trusty mountain bike has been racked securely in the ceiling of the garage since last summer. I’m going to start scouring the bike shops and craigslist to see what I can come up with. The thought of a 12 mile mountain bike ride on the north GA highways just isn’t pretty.

The triathalon I signed up for is called “My First Triathalon”. It’s aimed at newbies like me. Hopefully there will be somebody standing on the shore searching for folks like me to notify rescue personnel that things aren’t looking good for the big guy at the back of the pack. In all seriousness, it really is time for me to get in the pool and start getting the work done.

I won’t drown. I will finish. Yes we can…Greg

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One thought on “I’m Going To Drown…

  1. I just started swimming again after not swimming for many years and when I started again I was doing laps and the first few were easy but I could tell I had lost a lot of the upper body strength and my form had deteriorated a great deal and I found that as soon as you hit that magic moment of swimming all of your energy goes out of you. But even after only working on it for a week or so it is quickly coming back so its time to get swimming!