First legs of the swim

Okay, so this morning I returned to Operation Bootcamp after nursing this injury for a few weeks. Tough workout, but it was great to be back and see friends. Guts and Guns ab and arms workout with bands. Definitely one of my favorite.

After rolling the kids to school, I journeyed down to the city aquatic center and tried my first laps in the pool. I made it through 250 yards, stopping at the turns. This was encouraging, given that I’ve never swam for fitness. There’s six weeks left until the whistle sounds for the open water swim, so I am confident that I will be ready for the 400 yards. I’ve been watching video’s like this one by Dave Scott to try and learn good technique. Today’s focus was on body position and stroke. I think I’ll focus on breathing next so I don’t drink half the pool again. Even though it was a tough workout, it felt great to be in the pool.

Tomorrow, first official ride on the new bike after meeting with my crazy OBC friends. Let’s get moving…

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