Fit to tri?

For the last few months, I have been a fitness disaster. One step forward, two steps back. I just have to keep moving forward knowing that I will gain some momentum. Last week my respiratory system finally gave in to bronchitis after fighting it for three weeks. I attribute that to not getting the needed amount of sleep, not getting the necessary exercise, and poor food choices. See the cycle? Not being in balance. This morning, I decided to take a quick two mile run and my first ride on the new bike in an effort to clear out my chest and get past the residual effects of my chest crud. It was hard to keep my wind, and the injury I’ve been dealing with still hurt, but it didn’t kill me. I had to “tri”, because I have deadlines and goals that are looming…

The group I run with has already begun the Saturday run schedule, and they started last weekend with a distance further than I’ve run in months. I am already behind. The triathalon I am doing in June is racing closer. Even if I’m not at par, I need to be making progress. A final check on the injury tomorrow with the doc should clear me to train with clear marks.

I train better when I am with a group, with a goal, with a deadline. What motivates you?

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