Doc Knows Best

I am grounded, for an undefined amount of time. A few months ago at work, I picked up a guitar amplifier the wrong way and something popped inside me. At my follow on appointment this week, I shared with him that I’m still hurting when I run and do specific activities. His advice to me was relatively pedestrian, saying, “Then you need to stop doing things that make you hurt”. He also strongly cautioned me to get the excess weight I’ve been carrying back off before attempting a return to any impact training, because the weight will compound the problem. With my first triathalon 4 weeks away, and the Chicago Marathon training runs kicking off, I was pretty deflated.

Time for plan “B”. I know I am at the top end of my weight swing, so it’s time to refocus my energy on the nutrition side. Remember that in weight loss, nutrition is 80% of the formula, and exercise is 20%. You can’t workout hard, eat whatever you want, and lose weight. I can also focus on lifting and upper body core exercise, which will move me into my goal of taking up kayaking this summer. That’s a very big positive for me. Lastly, I can still focus on pool time and technique.

I am disappointed that things are what they are. I could sit around and complain about it, or I could keep moving forward down a new path and eventually get back to my regular training activity. I’m going to keep moving.

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