There is no finish line…

A new month began today for a fitness program that I participate in called “Operation Bootcamp”, and I wasn’t there to see it kick off. I know that participating in the program yields me great results. Here are the goals for this December camp…

  • Get enough sleep to show up and workout. If work or life prevents me from getting enough sleep, then I need to just show up and work out to the best of my ability.
  • No sandbagging through workouts.
  • Nothing fried. Nothing.
  • No Alcohol.

In the past, I’ve had great success and huge setbacks. I have achieved my goals and fallen far short. The greatest wisdom I have gained from all of it is that there’s no finish line with regards to eating healthy and exercising. It’s time to get my mind set around consistency. In addition to Operation Bootcamp, I have my mind made up to train for the Half-Ironman next summer in Augusta or Boise.


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