Ask And Receive

Do you ask God for things? If not, you should. God worked a miracle in my life this week. Let me explain…

I am not suggesting your prayer life should resemble a request line for a radio station, where your conversation with God simply reflects your wishes. We can’t treat God like the “genie in a bottle” we have all seen portrayed in movies, but as His children we should ask for things we need and yes, even want. He wants the best for us, and He knows our needs and wants better than anyone. He created us.

So, how do I pray? My usual prayer begins with thanking Him for all that He has already done. For salvation, for freedom, for health, and for my family. You get the idea. Then I pray in petition for others, or about specific situations taking place in my life. “Should I do x,y,z event”. Sometimes I bring these prayers to daily mass, sometimes talking with the Lord in my sun room over coffee. I usually finish with praise. I love reading the psalms, especially the later psalms because they speak so much of praise to God for all that He has done. It’s a great way to strengthen an attitude of gratitude.

So, about that ask. I asked God for something crazy. On Facebook, I asked God for a Steinway Piano.

One day I was playing for masses at Holy Trinity and I was thinking to myself how much I enjoyed the Steinway grand piano we have there. It really is a magnificent instrument, with a sound that is just perfect. The case (wood) is a bit dinged up, but the inner workings just sing to God. I relate well to that piano. When I got home, I was trolling through my Facebook and decided to post this status. Here it is verbatim…

“I love the Steinway concert grand piano that I get to play at Holy Trinity. I am praying that someone will bless me with one for my home, in matte black. Thank you, Jesus.”

On the surface, it seemed like a selfish ask. It might seem like I was saying to God…”Hey, could you give me a $50,000 instrument?” But, I know in my heart how much joy I get when I lead our congregation to sing while playing that piano, so I asked, and I asked boldly. I have found that when I ask Him for the things and gifts I need to serve others, He always comes through.

Fast forward to this Tuesday…As I am sitting down doing my liturgy planning for December, my cell phone rings and it is my friend Laura Cleary from church. I haven’t spoken to her in months, and when I answer the phone she tells me “I just drove past a piano sitting by the side of the road down here in Sharpsburg, and I immediately thought of you. Do you need a piano”? I have to admit that my initial thought was one of concern over what kind of condition a piano by the side of the road must be in. I shrugged that off and drove to the site she described where I see a piano with a sign on it declaring “Free”.


It’s not a Steinway. It is a Wurlitzer. It is in GREAT shape.

After a call to my friend Shane to load the piano into my truck, we got it loaded and ready to head home. As I get ready to leave, my truck died. After a 20 minute session of jumper cables, the guy from the auto shop next door walks over and gets me on my way.

Without Laura, Shane, Steve from the garage, Jonathan and Lenny (who helped me move it in my house), this would not have been possible. The Lord blessed me with a piano. A simple prayer, answered.

From the Gospel of Luke 11:9 – So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Thank you Lord for my piano. It is exactly what I needed.

What do you need the Lord to provide for you today? Ask Him, with a sincere heart, and He will pour into you that which you need to serve others.

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2 thoughts on “Ask And Receive

  1. Amen Shannon! God gave me what I needed. Maybe if I am faithful with the spinet, He will trust me with more down the road. I am so excited to have the piano He gave me! Peace to you…

  2. Greg-I think my favorite part of this story is that even though the gift did not fit the exact specifications you ‘gave’ God, you still recognized it as His gift and put on the appropriate attitude…gratitude!