Batteries and Bunnies

Batteries and Bunnies

Nothing will make you look as dull as a dead battery. Three weeks ago, we had our lenten parish mission, and I handed our presenter a lavalier mic without applying all the rules below. Know what happened? After the speaker began his presentation, the mic began to put out a low level squeal for 3 or 4 minutes, which was the microphones notice to me alone that it was trying to die. Eventually, it gave up, the presenter’s mic died, and I looked like an idiot.

4 simple rules for battery handling in production so your event will “keep going…”


Rule #1 – A fresh battery for every mic at the beginning of each event.

Rule # 2 – Don’t take batteries out of the pack until it’s time to load them into a wireless mic.



Rule #3 – When taking old batteries out of wireless gear, throw them directly away, Don’t set them on the counter, don’t put them in your pocket. Walk them directly to a trash can.

Rule #4 – A battery out of the pack is a dead battery. When in doubt, throw it out.

I recognize that these “rules” may seem wasteful, but the money spent on extra batteries can save you a great deal…of face.

Do you have a story of when a battery died at a “convenient” time? Share in the comments…

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