When it absolutely, positively has to get there…

Anyone remember this?


I am sitting on my couch, hanging out with my wife, and working in my laptop on ProPresenter Lyrics. You see, tomorrow morning, my parish is hosting the Peachtree City Ecumenical Good Friday Service. It’s Thursday night (after playing Holy Thursday Mass), and that means our favorite shows are on, so this is a conflict. Yet, we forge ahead. Why?

The lyrics for tomorrow’s hymns absolutely, positively, need to be right. Without fail, without exception, the words need to be correct. Want to know why? Here’s why…

– Because the people of God NEED the right words to be on the screen.

– Because if people see the wrong words on the screen, they will stop singing.

– Because my pastor is counting on me.

– Because I am obsessive about production (and someone in your music or tech staff should be too).

– Because my brand is all about the mission of getting it done, getting it done correctly, and doing it to the very best of my ability.

– Because I want my parish to shine for our community tomorrow.

My wife is a saint, because I asked her to ready through music charts numerous times tonight as I proofread through Planning Center. Truth is, she feels the same way I do.

Be a ball carrier, do more than what is expected, and give the people of God your very best. I believe in you, and the church is counting on you.


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