Stir Up Faith

I found a resource for liturgy in a box a few weeks ago. It was a buried treasure.

This little booklet is “Music in Catholic Worship“, and was issued by the USCCB in 1983. Under the title of “The Theology of the Celebration”, I found this at #7…

“To celebrate the liturgy means to do the action or perform the sign in such a way that its full meaning and impact shine forth in clear and compelling fashion. Since liturgical signs are vehicles of communication and instruments of faith, they must be simple and comprehensible. Since they are directed to fellow human beings, they must be humanly attractive. They must be meaningful and appealing to the body of worshippers or they will fail to stir up faith and people will fail to worship the Father.”

Is the music you lead compelling? Is it done in a quality way that draws people in to the mass?

Today’s question. What do you need to start doing, or stop doing, to stir up faith in God’s people?

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