Nobody’s Got Time For That


Do you have a minute?

Got a quick second?

Time is money!

Time, Talent, and Treasure…

Time and music ministry. Let’s talk about it…

For the last couple of months, my kids have been in full swing with marching band and club soccer. The impact of time on our family schedule has been substantial. Practices and rehearsals are 2-3 hours at a time, and each activity meets 2-3 times a week. That is a LOT of time. Here’s the thing about it…

It’s worth it.

My kids love those activities, and my wife and I love attending, cheering, and being a part of those activities. The enjoyment my family receives from those things completely justifies the sacrifice of hours that we all put into attending the practices and rehearsals. But… (there it is, there always is one)

The band director and soccer coach have a habit of releasing the kids late. Real late. Like, more than 45 minutes late. They are

So, this is a blog about enabling leading people through the learning curve of music ministry and technology, connecting with their assemblies, and giving praise to God. Why am I writing about time?

Because I don’t have any “extra” time in my life!!!! And neither do your volunteer ministers.

Allow me to explain…

Years ago, a trusted advisor in my life confronted me about wasting time at rehearsals. I forget his exact words, but he brought to light that I had been dilly dallying, starting late, finishing late, been unprepared, and generally letting me know that my actions showed a complete lack of respect for the time that the people in the band were committed to giving.


He was right. It was a painful lesson. I’ve never forgotten it. It was a lesson that enabled me to become a stronger leader, and now I am going to share it with you…

The volunteer ministers in your music ministry…

  • Have families
  • Have jobs
  • Have pets
  • Have a million “to-do’s on their calendar
  • Run businesses
  • Have dreams
  • Have places to be & things to do
  • Don’t have time to do the all the things and activities important to them

Don’t, Do Not, under any circumstances…waste their time. If you are in a ministry position of leadership, I challenge you to set the bar higher. Here’s the challenge list. Apply these to your ministry and watch how it affects your team.

  • Show up early (if you’re the leader, beat everyone there)
  • Be the most prepared person in the room
  • Dismiss on time
  • Thank people for their time
  • Pray in gratitude that they give their time

Why? Because so often in today’s day and age, with everyone being so overscheduled, it is usually easier for people to give MONEY than TIME. Think about that for a moment. So many people struggle financially, yet would find it easier to write a check to support a cause than commit to a few hours of helping out.

The people in your music ministry are already showing up. The best way to show your appreciation for their valuable time is in the challenge list above.

Lead, Connect, Praise.

Ken Kenan, thanks for all the time you’ve poured into me. You’ve taught me more than you will ever know.


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