Self Talk

We are our own worst critic. We tend to judge ourselves more harshly than even the haters and Youtube comment trolls. Especially as artists and musicians, we are tough on ourselves.

This morning, I was walking into our parish picnic (It’s the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity) to setup a sound system for announcements and some Pandora play.  Two people saw me with the gear and asked if I was going to play at the picnic. They were being very sincere, and in both cases I made a self depreciating comment about the thought of me playing music at the event.

On the way home, I scolded myself. Here’s why…

In making a sarcastic joke about myself, I became one of the trolls.

God has given me unique and wonderful gifts. God has given you gifts too (they are different than mine). He has given us these gifts to build up His Kingdom.

When we talk down about ourselves, we are essentially spitting at God.

Stop being a troll. Start embracing who God made you to be. If it’s hard to accept compliments from people, you can start with a simple smile and “thank you”.

Go be awesome. You were created in God’s image, and He is awesome. Therefore, you are awesome…

Do you struggle with accepting compliments or negative self talk?

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