What it will cost you

I love a come from behind, underdog kind of movie. Don’t you?

Rudy had heart. Braveheart had William Wallace. Lieutenant Dan, Bubba, and Jenny all had Forrest Gump.

Who do you have?

One of my best friends in life is an estimator for a national construction company. If he underestimates a job, the company comes up short. So…

The best musician in your parish might be sitting anonymously in the pews, waiting to be asked.

Your organist could possibly be a great Hammond rock organ player.

The guitarist leading the morning folk group may have toured with Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young.

The people that you think hate you, may be praying for your success daily.

The people that drive you insane might be doing the same thing.

The guy that’s 100 pounds overweight and shows up determined at the gym on January 1st could rock it this time.

The bass player on your worship team may be not be able to read.

The 13 year old kid that wants to “help out” could have a better ear for sound than anyone else in your church.

The four teenagers that talk to you about wanting to sing every time they see you might be the next Audrey Assad or Kari Jobe.

The 9 year old that watches you play at mass may be begging his mom for guitar lessons.

A group of volunteers may help you move the piano up a flight of stairs when you need it.

Don’t underestimate based on looks, talent, status, or anything other judging and limiting filter. Don’t do it.

Believe. Encourage. Trust. Repeat.

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Who do you have?

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