How To Be A Great Team Player

Worship teams are exactly that. They are teams.

I didn’t play many team sports growing up, but I tried baseball and soccer and enjoyed the experience. As an adult, I organized a softball team for the technology group I worked in. My main motivation in that endeavor was the social aspect of the team.

So often in sports, school, and business, we hear about being a great team player. So how does that translate to the music ministry? Here are a few ideas…

  1. Be Prepared – Other people are counting on you. If you haven’t printed your charts, done any prep work (any work or practice expected by your music director), or done any required gear maintenance then you’ve set everyone on the team up for a frustrating rehearsal. Everyone has an off week here and there, but consistently failing to to be prepared will create issues for your teammates and your relationship with them. In the end, the congregation & the worship suffers.
  2. Be Positive – Do you know someone who constantly finds the negative, and then gladly amplifies their discovery by sharing it with everyone around them? I know a few. Don’t be that person. Constructive criticism is fine, and even welcomed. Being a negative creep isn’t endearing, and it isn’t helpful.
  3. Be Prompt – There’s an old cliche that I love. “If you’re on time, you’re late.” That means that if your rehearsal starts at 1:00PM, you are late if you’re walking in the door at 12:59.  Being early and ready is being a team player. Again, I’m not talking about the team member that is occasionally delayed, I’m talking about consistent patterns.
  4. Be Pliable – Stuff happens, things change. Sometimes the team needs to shift gears quickly. Be flexible and roll with it.
  5. Be Proactive – When you’re prepared, setup and waiting for others you can dive in and help other people on the team get ready. Maybe there’s a new team member that needs help getting setup? Help them out. If the cables on the floor are a rats nest, take a quick minute and tidy them up. Anticipate what the rest of the group needs and jump in.
  6. Be Prayerful – Pray for your music ministry. Pray for your parish. Pray for your priests and deacons. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Watch what God does.
  7. Be Polite – Disagreements happen. We should never lose our manners, especially when we are serving the Lord.
  8. Be Protective – Everyone has an opinion about music (see #2). If people grumble to you about the music ministry, or a particular worship leader, or the sound at mass, then redirect them to address their issues face to face with the people they’re speaking against. Let’s honor one another by having each other’s back.

How else can you be a team player in music ministry?

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