What it will cost you

I love a come from behind, underdog kind of movie. Don’t you? Rudy had heart. Braveheart had William Wallace. Lieutenant Dan, Bubba, and Jenny all had Forrest Gump. Who do you have? One of my best friends in life is an estimator for a national construction company. If he underestimates a job, the company comes […]

There is no finish line…

A new month began today for a fitness program that I participate in called “Operation Bootcamp”, and I wasn’t there to see it kick off. I know that participating in the program yields me great results. Here are the goals for this December camp… Get enough sleep to show up and workout. If work or […]

Decisions, Decisions…

Every decision we make has a consequence, and we all learn that fundamental concept during our early childhood. If we decide to touch a steaming hot bag of microwave popcorn, the consequence will be that we get burned, just like mom said we would. In my era, it wasn’t microwave popcorn, as microwaves weren’t invented […]

It’s in the details…

I returned to OBC this month as a camper, after being out for several weeks with the injury I sustained back in March. Determined to do everything right, I’ve been logging food and completely eliminated alcohol, soft drinks, and fried foods. I’ve increased my veggie intake, and have been spot on plan. At the beginning […]

Doc Knows Best

I am grounded, for an undefined amount of time. A few months ago at work, I picked up a guitar amplifier the wrong way and something popped inside me. At my follow on appointment this week, I shared with him that I’m still hurting when I run and do specific activities. His advice to me […]

Fit to tri?

For the last few months, I have been a fitness disaster. One step forward, two steps back. I just have to keep moving forward knowing that I will gain some momentum. Last week my respiratory system finally gave in to bronchitis after fighting it for three weeks. I attribute that to not getting the needed […]

Where are the ball carriers?

Everyone has great ideas. Everyone has opinions. Ideas and opinions are nice because there is little to no effort in formulating them. They come naturally to us. We need ball carriers. The ball carrier takes an idea/opinion, and DOES something with it. Ball carriers MOVE the ball forward. Every individual, organization, household, and society can […]

First legs of the swim

Okay, so this morning I returned to Operation Bootcamp after nursing this injury for a few weeks. Tough workout, but it was great to be back and see friends. Guts and Guns ab and arms workout with bands. Definitely one of my favorite. After rolling the kids to school, I journeyed down to the city […]