Teens In Music Ministry

Teenagers in music ministry? This is a widely debated topic amongst music directors and liturgists. Most often, the answer to the opening question is a resonant “No”. Overall, I have found that the music community in most parishes is closed to teenagers. I think this is unhealthy, and actually opposes what the mission of the […]

Stir Up Faith

I found a resource for liturgy in a box a few weeks ago. It was a buried treasure. This little booklet is “Music in Catholic Worship“, and was issued by the USCCB in 1983. Under the title of “The Theology of the Celebration”, I found this at #7… “To celebrate the liturgy means to do […]

When it absolutely, positively has to get there…

Anyone remember this?   I am sitting on my couch, hanging out with my wife, and working in my laptop on ProPresenter Lyrics. You see, tomorrow morning, my parish is hosting the Peachtree City Ecumenical Good Friday Service. It’s Thursday night (after playing Holy Thursday Mass), and that means our favorite shows are on, so […]

Ask And Receive

Do you ask God for things? If not, you should. God worked a miracle in my life this week. Let me explain… I am not suggesting your prayer life should resemble a request line for a radio station, where your conversation with God simply reflects your wishes. We can’t treat God like the “genie in […]

Podcast – Jumping The Octave

This past Sunday, I was talking with our music team about this new trend in modern worship songwriting of singing verses in the basement (below the staff), and then jumping an octave or more in the refrains. These songs are powerful, emotional prayers, but are they right for congregational worship? Check out the podcast and […]

Music Ministry Numbers…

Regarding “Blessed Be Your Name”… 27,489 – The number of worship leaders that have used Matt and Beth Redman’s song “Blessed Be Your Name”. 27,488 – The number of worship leaders that need the words of Matt and Beth Redman’s song in front of them to lead it. 2,783 – The number of worship leaders […]

Never Beyond Your Reach

16 years ago today, the world said goodbye to Rich Mullins. Rich was tragically killed in an accident while riding to a concert location with his friend and fellow artist Mitch McVicker. Rich is best known for his songs “Awesome God”, “Sometimes By Step”, “Hold Me Jesus” and “That Where I am, there you may […]