The Liturgy Plan Ingredients

Starting Out Series

This series is for you, the musician at the parish who is just starting out. Perhaps you were just asked by your pastor, or music director to take on leading a weekend or weekday liturgy. This is the first in a series of posts to get you prepared and running down the path of leading […]

“Blessed Be God, Forever”
by Greg Ferrara

Here’s a demo of a song I wrote for use during mass at presentation of gifts. Feel free to share comments or feedback. Peace, Greg


What it will cost you

I love a come from behind, underdog kind of movie. Don’t you? Rudy had heart. Braveheart had William Wallace. Lieutenant Dan, Bubba, and Jenny all had Forrest Gump. Who do you have? One of my best friends in life is an estimator for a national construction company. If he underestimates a job, the company comes […]

Why I’ve Stopped Contacting My Coworkers By Cell Phone

And why you should consider doing the same...

Text messaging has become the norm with communication in every aspect of life. While it is a convenient way to ask a quick question or get a status on a project, it also creates a dilemma for the recipient, an obligation to respond. It also creates an interruption on someone’s day off. As a parish […]

Self Talk

We are our own worst critic. We tend to judge ourselves more harshly than even the haters and Youtube comment trolls. Especially as artists and musicians, we are tough on ourselves. This morning, I was walking into our parish picnic¬†(It’s the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity) to setup a sound system for announcements and […]

The habit of doing things right…

Church Production

I ran across this great article on a few reflections from Christmas 2014. I agree with the author that we are in the habit of doing things right. I think it’s because we love the Lord, and want to put our best foot forward in order provide an opportunity for our congregations to worship without distraction. I am giving thanks for all of you, and your excellence in ministry today…

Happy New Year

As I write this, Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy are counting down the remaining hours of 2014. Was it a great year for you? I’m not a resolution person, but I am a reflective type. Unfortunately, the flu or some other wicked bug found its way into my system. I’ll take advantage of the down […]