Nobody’s Got Time For That

Time Do you have a minute? Got a quick second? Time is money! Time, Talent, and Treasure… Time and music ministry. Let’s talk about it… For the last couple of months, my kids have been in full swing with marching band and club soccer. The impact of time on our family schedule has been substantial. […]

Flexibility Of Digital Mixers

In yesterday’s post, I listed 4 reasons why digital mixing is a perfect fit in the Catholic church… Because it is consistent Because it is easy Because it is foolproof Because it is flexible How is a mixer flexible? I know you’re dying to know. Let’s unpack it… Most analog mixers have a basic structure […]

Why Digital Mixers Are The Perfect Solution For The Catholic Church

It’s the digital age. Why would a church founded on pillars of Sacred Scripture and TRADITION benefit from state of the art, DIGITAL technology? It’s the greatest no-brainer in the history of church audio. Here’s why… Because it is consistent Because it is easy Because it is foolproof Because it is flexible Consistency is key! […]

If It’s Too Loud…

Can you hear me now? Backstory… Late Friday night, my good friend Alan Brown called me in a panic. He was playing on Saturday for the St. Vincent De Paul National meeting here in Atlanta. The closing mass was with Archbishop Gregory and Bishop Zarama. There was a song scheduled for mass that really needed […]

The Way We’ve Always Done It…

“But that’s the way we’ve always done it…”   That phrase makes me nauseated. Allow me to translate the phrase “But that’s the way we’ve always done it” Choose any of the following… “I’m too scared to do anything different.” “I don’t know how to do anything different.” I’m too lazy to do anything different.” […]

Run for Shelter

God is good…All the time. All the time…God is good. We’ve all heard that a thousand times, Amen? Amen! Okay, I’ll stop with the gratuitous call and responses that have been cliched in music and youth ministry. Really though. God has been so gracious, good, and generous to me and my family. I am beyond […]

It Is Our Policy

Stores have a return policy, the government has a public and foreign policy, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory has an often quoted policy known as the “Roommate Agreement”. Today I want to unpack the most dreaded and spiritedly debated policy of them all…the ministry “attendance” policy. No other policy has caused […]

Out Of Memory

Last week at my parish, we hosted the Gospel of John Live Performance by Brad Sherrill. It was a well attended event, and Brad’s performance was outstanding. The link to Brad’s website is HERE. As the music ministry teams gathered this weekend for practice, everyone was sharing their thought’s about the performance. The one common […]