Batteries and Bunnies

Batteries and Bunnies Nothing will make you look as dull as a dead battery. Three weeks ago, we had our lenten parish mission, and I handed our presenter a lavalier mic without applying all the rules below. Know what happened? After the speaker began his presentation, the mic began to put out a low level […]

Let Us Begin Again

Let us begin again, reflecting on past accomplishments. For the benefit of measuring how far we can go and even dreaming of new heights. Every time we do something, we begin with more knowledge and wisdom than we had the last time. Let us begin again, for each time we repeat an action we get […]

Music Ministry Numbers…

Regarding “Blessed Be Your Name”… 27,489 – The number of worship leaders that have used Matt and Beth Redman’s song “Blessed Be Your Name”. 27,488 – The number of worship leaders that need the words of Matt and Beth Redman’s song in front of them to lead it. 2,783 – The number of worship leaders […]

Get Stronger

Three things to do this week to strengthen your ministry… Commit to learning and memorizing one new worship song. Find a new blog on worship and subscribe to it. Find a way to increase your prayer time. Adoration, reading Scripture, having a cup of coffee with God in the morning, or praying with that new […]