The habit of doing things right…

Church Production

I ran across this great article on a few reflections from Christmas 2014. I agree with the author that we are in the habit of doing things right. I think it’s because we love the Lord, and want to put our best foot forward in order provide an opportunity for our congregations to worship without distraction. I am giving thanks for all of you, and your excellence in ministry today…

Digital Mixers Are (almost) Foolproof

Have I told you the story of how we got into digital mixing? It’s a crazy story… It’s Christmas Eve 2011. On Christmas Eve, we have so many people attending mass at 4:00PM that we have masses in (4) locations. Every seat is taken, every bit of floorspace is occupied. At 4:00PM on Christmas Eve, […]

Flexibility Of Digital Mixers

In yesterday’s post, I listed 4 reasons why digital mixing is a perfect fit in the Catholic church… Because it is consistent Because it is easy Because it is foolproof Because it is flexible How is a mixer flexible? I know you’re dying to know. Let’s unpack it… Most analog mixers have a basic structure […]

Why Digital Mixers Are The Perfect Solution For The Catholic Church

It’s the digital age. Why would a church founded on pillars of Sacred Scripture and TRADITION benefit from state of the art, DIGITAL technology? It’s the greatest no-brainer in the history of church audio. Here’s why… Because it is consistent Because it is easy Because it is foolproof Because it is flexible Consistency is key! […]

If It’s Too Loud…

Can you hear me now? Backstory… Late Friday night, my good friend Alan Brown called me in a panic. He was playing on Saturday for the St. Vincent De Paul National meeting here in Atlanta. The closing mass was with Archbishop Gregory and Bishop Zarama. There was a song scheduled for mass that really needed […]

When it absolutely, positively has to get there…

Anyone remember this?   I am sitting on my couch, hanging out with my wife, and working in my laptop on ProPresenter Lyrics. You see, tomorrow morning, my parish is hosting the Peachtree City Ecumenical Good Friday Service. It’s Thursday night (after playing Holy Thursday Mass), and that means our favorite shows are on, so […]

Batteries and Bunnies

Batteries and Bunnies Nothing will make you look as dull as a dead battery. Three weeks ago, we had our lenten parish mission, and I handed our presenter a lavalier mic without applying all the rules below. Know what happened? After the speaker began his presentation, the mic began to put out a low level […]

Music Ministry Numbers…

Regarding “Blessed Be Your Name”… 27,489 – The number of worship leaders that have used Matt and Beth Redman’s song “Blessed Be Your Name”. 27,488 – The number of worship leaders that need the words of Matt and Beth Redman’s song in front of them to lead it. 2,783 – The number of worship leaders […]

How To Mix With Volume Restrictions…

Here’s a great blog by my friends at Church Production Magazine on mixing when there are significant volume restrictions. If you mix in a catholic church, you ARE mixing in an environment with those restrictions. Even if they aren’t formal, like a 95db ceiling, they are implied by God’s people. “It’s Too Loud” is a […]