I Hear You

Do you have a vision for what you are supposed to do with your life? Or… If you say that you have no idea what you are supposed to do with your life, could that statement really be true, or are you hiding behind the fear of knowing that it is not what someone else […]

Calling All Angels…

Do you believe in Angels? I do. They play a leading part in the story of my life. One of my favorite bands is the contemporary rock group “Train”. They released the song “Calling All Angels” on their album, titled “My Private Nation”. Today, I had yet another encounter with Angels, the real ones. Some […]

If you can’t take the heat, get out the humidifier…

We have had a warmer than usual December here in Atlanta, but word to the wise…If you play an acoustic instrument, your central heating system may be killing your instrument. In winter months, the central heating system in your home can dramatically reduce the humidity and wreak havock on your acoustic guitar, piano, and other […]

Out Into Deep Waters…Continued

Sean and I drive into a section of Atlanta known as Little Five Points. It’s an artsy and eclectic part of town.  Little Five Points is home to a great music venue called the Variety Playhouse, and is also “home” to many of Atlanta’s homeless. We are walking up the sidewalk towards our dinner destination, […]

Doc Knows Best

I am grounded, for an undefined amount of time. A few months ago at work, I picked up a guitar amplifier the wrong way and something popped inside me. At my follow on appointment this week, I shared with him that I’m still hurting when I run and do specific activities. His advice to me […]

Where are the ball carriers?

Everyone has great ideas. Everyone has opinions. Ideas and opinions are nice because there is little to no effort in formulating them. They come naturally to us. We need ball carriers. The ball carrier takes an idea/opinion, and DOES something with it. Ball carriers MOVE the ball forward. Every individual, organization, household, and society can […]