Near Faith Experience…

Two years ago I was at a conference for Whole Community Catechesis, where I got to hear Steve Angrisano present a musical workshop. One of the takeaways from his session was the expression “Near Faith Experience”. You know, it’s where you are at a retreat, or at mass, yet not really present to Christ and […]

Decisions, Decisions…

Every decision we make has a consequence, and we all learn that fundamental concept during our early childhood. If we decide to touch a steaming hot bag of microwave popcorn, the consequence will be that we get burned, just like mom said we would. In my era, it wasn’t microwave popcorn, as microwaves weren’t invented […]

Life or Death

For reasons unknown to me, God places the oddest people into my life. I suspect it’s to teach me something or have me grow in a specific direction from meeting them. Two years ago I was asked by the Knight’s of Columbus to play for their annual mass on Memorial day, to honor our servicemen […]

Out Into Deep Waters…Continued

Sean and I drive into a section of Atlanta known as Little Five Points. It’s an artsy and eclectic part of town.  Little Five Points is home to a great music venue called the Variety Playhouse, and is also “home” to many of Atlanta’s homeless. We are walking up the sidewalk towards our dinner destination, […]

Peer Ministry Bands

Last summer, we started a new music ministry team made up entirely of high schoolers. Their purpose was to serve their high school peers and our middle school EDGE program. Yesterday, we held our last rehearsal for their inaugural year. We talked through what worked well, and what could work better. Here’s where we think […]

Music Fest is Today!

Music Fest is today at Our Lady of Mercy HS in Fairburn GA. I hope that if you are reading this, that you had an amazing day with friends and family, celebrating , relaxing, praying, and enjoying the fantastic musical acts that they have lined up for the day. It’s awesome that so many people […]

Do you believe it?

I have the amazing privilege of serving God’s people through music at holy mass each week. As the team and I were leading worship this past Sunday during the song of sending, it occurred to me that the team as a whole didn’t feel comfortable enough to clap and engage the people in doing so. […]

End of summer…

Hi everyone, Summer is winding down, as measured by the school system. Two weeks left until the folks in the Ferrara house are back in the classroom. The sun has been relentless, so no signs of nature surrendering the season anytime soon. I wanted to give everyone an update on what is happening in my […]