Music Ministry Numbers…

Regarding “Blessed Be Your Name”… 27,489 – The number of worship leaders that have used Matt and Beth Redman’s song “Blessed Be Your Name”. 27,488 – The number of worship leaders that need the words of Matt and Beth Redman’s song in front of them to lead it. 2,783 – The number of worship leaders […]

Never Beyond Your Reach

16 years ago today, the world said goodbye to Rich Mullins. Rich was tragically killed in an accident while riding to a concert location with his friend and fellow artist Mitch McVicker. Rich is best known for his songs “Awesome God”, “Sometimes By Step”, “Hold Me Jesus” and “That Where I am, there you may […]

How To Mix With Volume Restrictions…

Here’s a great blog by my friends at Church Production Magazine on mixing when there are significant volume restrictions. If you mix in a catholic church, you ARE mixing in an environment with those restrictions. Even if they aren’t formal, like a 95db ceiling, they are implied by God’s people. “It’s Too Loud” is a […]

Let’s Be Direct

Let’s face it, the vast majority of Catholic churches weren’t designed for the acoustical needs of a contemporary music group. In truth, the acoustics in most Catholic churches are less than stellar, even for chant and spoken word. Many of our worship spaces are built with hard surfaces like marble, glass, and wood that add […]